​​Dwayne Burton ​– Five Star Google Review
Working with James was the best decision I ever made. I was lost in a mess of legal drama that I didn’t understand. James came in and fought so fiercely on my behalf that I actually regret trying to do it without him in the beginning. I have never liked lawyers before but I absolutely love James. Best legal decision I ever made by far.​

Thomas CamoinTestimonial
In my life I have had a few occasions where I needed a lawyer, (about a half dozen times). Two previous times involved custody of my children, both of those times I had monetary support and hired ‘the best’ lawyers. Both times I was very disappointed, not just because I lost but by the way they handled the case. Just the other day James P. McGarvey negotiated a settlement and I now have full custody of my daughters. After years of my ex trying to minimize my time with my kids, I now have full custody and she has visitation.
James won this case not just because he really knows what he’s doing, but because he is very passionate about what he does. He took my case personally, he empathized with me and my situation, he answered my calls or got back to me right away, (even on the weekends.) James is exactly the kind of lawyer you want on your side, I really can’t say enough about him, he fought for me like it was his own kids going through this.

Dan HathawayFive star Facebook review
I would highly recommend James. He is VERY passionate about getting what is fair and just. He is a caring and stand-up guy. He is fair in all he does and gives awesome advice. Thank you James, for everything you have done to help me in my situation. The Best Lawyer I have ever worked with.

Steven JohnsonTestimonial
My name is Steve and when I needed help with my child visitation, I found James McGarvey to help. The first thing he did for me was to do a change of venue on my divorce papers, from Nevada to Utah. While waiting for that, my ex tried to pull a fast one on me, but again, James came thru and skillfully had the order dismissed. End result was that James got me everything I wanted and legally deserved for me and my daughter. If you ever need legal counsel, I truly recommend James McGarvey for services. He is very professional and friendly. He smooths out all the bumps and worries in the legal world.

Mr. Anderson ​– Five Star Google Review
James genuinely wants to help, which makes him very good. He was passionate in my case, and the results were better than I imagined in a case like mine. I got my kids and they’re thriving because James fought like a lion for me!

Jordan T. Davis Testimonial
James is a flat out workhorse.  He represented me and my one year old son in a divorce/custody case.  With my son being the most important thing in my life, I knew I needed an attorney that would not give up and would fight until the very end to get me and my son exactly what was best for mine and my sons life.  James did just that.  Coming from a family with divorced parents myself, I knew that for my son to have the best life possible he needed plenty of time with his mother and father, but being a father in the state of Utah it can be difficult to get a fair amount of custody and parent time especially in my case with my son being so young.  I must admit I was scared that I wouldn’t get an appropriate amount of time with my son.  James wasn’t scared.  From the day I walked in his office he was confident he could get me what I wanted for my son.  Now that it’s all done and over with, I have joint-custody and more parent time with my son than any other young divorced male that I have met and talked to.  In fact, when I tell others the deal James worked out for me they are shocked.  On top of all of that, there was countless times where I was having some sort of emergency and James is always quick to answer or get back to me.  Even on Christmas Eve when no other lawyers were working he answered his phone for me and answered the questions and concerns I had to address with him.  Another time on Easter Sunday he was on vacation with his kids in Moab, Utah and I needed some work done.  He dropped what he was doing at the moment and put in several hours of work for me that needed to be done that day. James is a family man and not only does he care about his own family, but I can tell he sincerely cared about my family and what was best for my son and I.  He even still calls me regularly to make sure me and my son are doing great.   James is extremely reliable and a hard worker. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Luke Whatcott5 star facebook review
James is a stand up guy. One of the best! If you’re in need of his services look no further. He only has your best interest in mind, he cares about you, and is passionate about what he does. I would recommend him to anyone.

Michelle BeckTestimonial
Dear Mr. James McGarvey,
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for how you handled my Divorce Case. Life can be challenging enough; so when things are already tough and stressful, the last thing I needed was worry & concern over how my case would be handled. You put all my worries to rest. I appreciate the way you handled each and every question I had with compassion. During stress, people may not always be able to think clearly so I really appreciated you approaching my situation with logic, experience and understanding to guide me in the best way possible. Should anyone be in need of an Attorney, I will personally recommend you to them.
Warm regards,
Michelle Beck

Max, Donna and Lorinda KunzlerTestimonial
Recently our family was referred to James McGarvey for some possible help with some legal issues.  From the very first meeting with James, our minds were at peace and we knew we had come to the right person.  We have never felt like we were ever just a number or just a case to James, but someone who was important and valued.  James guided us through an unfamiliar process in a comfortable manner.  James always communicated with us in a timely manner and always kept us informed of where we were financially and how much things were costing so that there were no unexpected surprises.  As a family we would highly recommend James McGarvey to any one in need of any legal expertise.

J Scott Anderson5 star facebook review
James is one of my favorite people because he has love and passion for his family and friends. I have worked with James on multiple occasions and am easily impressed with his work ethic and drive. He will certainly give you his full undivided attention, sound advice, and loving counsel. James is an impressive individual as anyone who has worked with him can attest.

Marlon W. Rudd5 star facebook review
I am happy to write this recommendation for Mr. McGarvey. He represented me in my divorce proceedings and subsequent negotiations and has always been professional and honest. I have also found James to be a very intelligent attorney, who is willing to take the lead in difficult situations when required. His good judgement has been important on several occasions, and his initiative has also been of great value in receiving a good settlement. In short, I would recommend James as a trustworthy person who can be relied upon when life gets difficult.

Jamie Walker5 star facebook review
If the world has to have another attorney, this is the guy you want to have on your side!

Gary Bowman5 star facebook review
I do not know of any other person who has worked so hard and sacrificed so much to achieve a dream. And he will work with that same drive for you.

Andrew David Webster5 star facebook review
I hope i never need a lawyer but if I do I feel like I could trust James with his integrity, talent, and expertise. Give him a call!

Darlene Tart5 star facebook review
Very professional, reviews your case in detail and explains the situation with compassion and no judging. Overall experience was great no unexpected downfalls. GREAT work .., appreciate all your hard work and time. Very happy with outcome…go see James if you need a consult or assistance. I have to give a 5 star **********plus…well done.

Cherie and Lyra Hanks  — Testimonial
We received a professional reference for James McGarvey when I was seeking a family law attorney for my daughter this past March.  Both my daughter and I have been very satisfied with his honest concern and adept abilities at negotiating a positive result in the child custody case he represented Lyra in.  Going through the ups and downs of any court proceeding can be a very stressful and emotional experience…especially when it concerns your child or grandchild.  James handled this process with strong communication skills by answering our many questions and listening carefully to our concerns.  He was honest about expectations and tried to be as efficient as possible with the time and costs involved throughout our meetings, phone calls and legal negotiations.  My daughter and I highly recommend James to anyone seeking conscientious and effective counsel….he gets the job done!

Caroline PalmerTestimonial
I also am proud of James. He also needs to get an award for being a caring and compassionate lawyer. He truly cares for his clients and treats them like a good friend. He goes one step more to make sure they get taken care of…take it from one who knows. He truly deserves this award (Best of Salt Lake City 2016 – Lawyer)…plus others he received (Expertise – Best Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City 2016) along with the recognition of being a very up and coming great lawyer. Thank you James.
Mr. Johnson — Testimonial
James believes in his clients and actually cares about them. He takes a vested interest in his clients’ lives and situation. I was falsely accused of domestic violence by my ex-wife, and according to the DA, they don’t ever drop the charges. I was offered a plea deal, but I refused. I wasn’t about to take a deal for something I didn’t do. James fought hard for me. He made it clear to the DA that they were in for a fight. So when it came time for my trial, the DA dismissed the case. James’ hard work and concern for my welfare paid off. I highly recommend James McGarvey for any legal issue you might need. Good legal representation is a must if you’re fighting for your life, and James McGarvey is the best in Salt Lake City.

Mr. Camoin  — Five Star Google Review

Lawyers are expensive. There’s really no way around that. Unfortunately I have had more than one occasion in my life that I needed a lawyer, (divorce, custody). I have always felt they were not worth the cost, until I met James. He took on my case, it was an uphill battle considering my ex and I only had a verbal agreement. My kids were in a bad environment and it seemed hopeless. I now have custody of my kids. Really is there anything more I need to say, I have custody of my kids. They are here, they are safe. I have never met a lawyer who answered his phone on the weekend, I’ve never met a lawyer so passionate about justice. James puts his heart in the game and I really believe that makes the difference.

Mr. B. Burton Five Star Facebook Review

When I first met James I was in a bad place in my life and everything around me seemed to be falling apart faster then I could ever have imagined. I came to James looking for a lawyer that would represent my best interests in court. What I found was a real friend who fought fearlessly to protect me and my kids. James isn’t just a warrior in the court room, he’s a true friend that actually cares about the people he’s helping. Thank you James.